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Spiritual Gallery

Each one of us is now on his or her own journey.


As you look upon the Hebrew letters embedded in these works*, they will empower you with clarity, health, protection, love or peace, depending on the verse. Don't worry if you don't understand Hebrew; your soul does.





* Many art pieces are available without   Hebrew text as well as varies sizes.


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On some level we know that we are divine, and that this life is an exercise in connecting to our own unique light and fully bringing it into the world. But when trials challenge this clarity, we yearn to connect with the Source of our light and shine no matter the darkness. "By virtue of this discourse, the energy of blessing and the cleansing power of the Light fill our lives so that judgment and mercy shine upon us in perfect measure" Zohar; Vayechi 46:507 Giclee Print 30x40*

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