Back from the Past

Dimensions: 20"x25"
Medium: Mixed Meedia Giclee fine art canvas

Medium_312009122835AM_arizona dessert 1

Arizona Lights

Dimensions: 12"x20"
Medium: Mixed Media digital Giclee fine art canvas

Arizona one of the most spiritual places in the world. One that I love returning to. Its a place where I get energized and spiritually uplifted.


Stormy Skies

Dimensions: 22"x28"
Medium: Mixed media digital Giclee on Canvas

Stormy skies over the city of Jerusalem. Will that city ever live in peace?

wabi sabi -s

From Innocence to Wisdom

Dimensions: 17" x 22"
Medium: Mixed Media, Limited Edition Giclee on archival paper

The eye of the child full of hope and trust is the same eye of the wiser and the experienced.

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