Mee`tal is the Maiden name of Israeli born Julie M. Berman. It means “arising from the morning dew”. A child of Survivors, she moved to the United States with her parents at the age of 12. She lived in New York studying at Cooper Union School of Art and then receiving a degree from FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology. After meeting her husband they moved to Texas where she raised two wonderful children and helped her husband with his medical practice.

Telling her parent’s Holocaust stories created an ever present responsibility in her life. As an artist she realized that her form of education and documentation would be on canvas. Two years later she emerged with ten paintings.

“Some of the paintings were not planned at all, I often felt as though I was just a tool in producing these paintings. There were other forces in control of my paint brush. It has been an incredible experience, one that has been very gratifying and comforting. It’s as though I have fulfilled a mission.”

The Holocaust series is now a part of the “Color of Memory” exhibition which is sponsored by the Dallas Holocaust Museum.

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